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Björs brothers' treasure hideout

Cousin Anders and I once found a chest in a loft in the barn to the right of Björsgården. In it were shields and swords and everything a 12-year-old could dream of. All in wood, of course, but skillfully and nicely made. It must have been the bro equipment (toys) but we had fun with them every time we were there!

Sister Pia was more interested in horses and tinkered with grandfather's horse Fjällan, while we fought with the brothers' equipment. Once Pia and the horse Fjällan got in the way of an attack we carried out. Fjällan got scared and skidded a little and Pia refused to let go and was dragged behind. She suffered a fractured elbow and a hole in her jeans!!

Pia testified that Gunilla comforted her because Pia thought that Jonas&Eivor would be angry that her jeans had become torn again, but Gunilla said that the main thing was that it went well. However, Jonas and Eivor were upset that her jeans were torn again. The fact that she had a fracture in her elbow was only discovered the day after and to this day she carries a scar on her elbow in memory of the brothers' secret hiding place :)

Mikael Björs