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Crusty snow

Since we are now having a serious winter with a lot of snow that reminds me of the winters of my childhood, I want to tell you about a skiing excursion in the moonlight on hard crusty snow.

Big brother Jonas had realized late one spring-winter evening that it was a wonderful ski ride. Hard snow and a moon that shone so beautifully. He gathered his group of brothers and it was Lasse Pelle and I who were the youngest at the time. We started in the reverse order from what Lars Erik told us about the Long-kälkåkningen. Went from Björs over Kresfers and Kåratäkterna and up towards Steneberget turned off towards Blötsvea and then out over Blichamyra. It went great, but the moonlight was a bit treacherous. Pits and ditches were not visible and several times we were lying there, but we survived.
From Blichamyra down to the road towards Nordsjö, then across to the road towards Uvås and then towards Nor-vägen. We were constantly riding on the side of the roads in the perfect crowd. Then Extend-Fold-True. It was late at night when we finally got home.

Björs Olle