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Bollnäs horse-racecourse

I visited Bollnäs horse-racecourse for the first time shortly after I turned 18. In the newly purchased Volvo duet by my father, me with a new driver's license. A number of gentlemen (Björs-Jonas, Kåra-Lars and Freska-Pelle) wanted to go there and see a trotting day. I don't know how I'm going to get there today - but anyway. The men had their pocket bottles with them and had a good time and really looked at horses and their ancestry. They were not at all interested in playing. Suggests that the big Trav Spel meeting takes place in Bollnäs. Imagine if we could all start from Mångan.

Olle Björs

PS. Mångan were Olle's (and his familys) summer pastime in Färila, near Järvsö.