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After the fire in Björs



In 1804, on September 29, the undersigned jurors appointed a fire inspection following the honorable Mr. Lawman Dahlman's order of September 28, 1804, whereby it is reported that the farmer Mårten Olofsson in Stene has lost the Man- and Ladugården at the homestead no. laid out by the severe stormy weather that came quickly on the 15th during which Mårten Olsson's sister, the maid Kjerstin Olofs-daughter, was going to do some brewing in the brewhouse, when probably a spark went outside the chimney and blew through some gap in the barn which was filled with unthreshed grain when it then began to smolder and finally became a fire and began to burn without anyone noticing until flames shot up through the barn fence, and although people soon came to help, it was still not possible due to the strong wind that had been mentioned before.

1:o A common cabin building with middle chamber, men's cabin and prescribed 28 cubits long with (knots?), 101/2 cubits wide, 12 years old, 13 turns high with board gable and stairs
50 Riksd. 

2:o The brew house with pantry, milk chamber and vestibule and dormer 191/2 cubits long, 91/2 cubits wide, 12 laps high, with under-spiked (?) roof, about 45 years old of good timber and in good condition
35 Rksd.

3:o A basement building with a farmhand's and maid's shed, 15 cubits long, 9 cubits wide, approximately 40 years old, good pine timber with a clapboard roof, 12 laps high with a massive? stone wall to plot
23 Rksd.

4:o Stable construction with kummerskulle, secret house and feed shed, 20 cubits long, 9 cubits wide, 16 furlongs high in full condition with good pine timber, 36 years old.
20 Riksd.

5:te A vitushus shed with slip lid, 11 cubits long, 8 cubits wide, 50 years old and Kummerskulle in perfect condition
13Rd 16 sk 

6:e A barn with a double roof, 14 cubits long, 12 cubits wide, 11 yards high, 26 years old and of good pine timber
10 Rd 

7:de Barn with loge and double floor and ??, 50 years old, without the slightest rot, 15 cubits long, 14 cubits wide with new roof wood on top
25 Riksd.

8:de A cartload 8 cubits square full of firewood
8 Rksd. 

9:de Tool sheds 10 cubits long, 7 cubits wide
4 Rikd.

10:de The pig house, 7 cubits long 4 3/4 cubits wide
2 Rikd. 

11..te A hay barn. 8 cubits long. 8 cubits wide
2 Rikd.32 skilling 

Making 193 Riksd. 

Carefully specified, here only indicated
Rye 14:32 Riksdaler
Corn 59:10:8
Gillinger swallow hay 7:24
Gillingar swallow hay 16:24     Do 97:42:8

3 plows 3 Riksd.
3 årder ? 36 so-called
3 fertilizer sleds 1 Riksd.
1 clean house 32 sk
1 whetstone with iron awl 2:16     Do 6:36

SUM 297: 30:80 

SHELTERED, windows, doors and floorboards (plank)
gather out of all the rooms for 11:24,
however broken during salvage         11:24 

TOTAL LOSS 286: 6: 8 

It was submitted that the juror Olof Persson on the homestead no 2, 14 öres 6 penningland in Stene, through the aforementioned unfortunate occasion, was injured due to sparks that blew from Mårten Olsson's farm to Olof Persson's farm located next to it, and due to the appointment of the honorable Herr Lagmannen Dahlman of September 28, the damage was assessed by the following.

1:o a hayloft 8 cubits square and 6 cubits long, and for the floor 8 (inch) battens. 8 years old.

2:o a yard 7 3/4 cubits square next to the cummer hill on the plotting yard and also two floors. From good pine timber 35 years old.

7 gillingar well salvaged field (?) swallow hay á 3 Rd gillingen

3:o   1 thin rye 5.16
       7 barrels of grain á 4 Rd 21 sm 4 skill.? barrel     31.5.4
                                     Sum 75 Riksd.
                                        37 silv.m.
                                        4 skäl. 

To be thus seen found, and valued as stated is;
certifies Jerfsö on 29 September 1804.

Olof Olofsson
in Säljesta
Michael Andersson
in Vik

Read and recorded on July 3, 2002
by Börje Björklund